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***Please note you must complete Mysideline rego first otherwise your registration will not be complete***

​Bizcore is our preferred payment method for remaining balance of registration fees. This payment method gives you flexibility to pay your fees Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or in 1 lump sum. If you have a fair play voucher, this will be the clean way of applying the discount for fair play voucher redemption.


  1. Select Group -> Season Registration Fees

  2. Choose Option of what registration balance fee you are paying for


  3. Add to Cart             (Can add multiple players to Cart)

  4. Complete Personal Details of Person responsible for the payment

  5. Select a Payment Frequency (Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly/OnceOff)

  6. Choose your first repayment date (this will charge the $50 setup fee per player)

  7. Repayment amount will be automatically configured based on your payment date and the payment frequency you selected (All fees finalised by 30/06/2024)
    A Breakdown of all the repayments is shown.

  8. Enter Payment methods and press next to be taken to the agreement.

    Click below to set up a BIZCORE account.


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