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Who do I contact to see if my payment went through?

Once you have completed payment you should receive an email directly from BIZCORE if you do not receive one you can email
How long does it take for a transfer clearance to be actioned?
It can take up to 10 Business days to action, it could take longer over holiday periods.
Who do I contact with questions regarding a transfer?

If you have an enquiry about the progress of your transfer or on the decision of your transfer please email our registrars with a subject or TRANSFER ENQUIRY -


What do I do if my registration has been declined due to no photo or identification being uploaded to my profile?

You will need to log into your NRL profile and upload these to your profile, if you do not know how to do this you can email with the attachments and players details for them to upload.

When will team lists be released for Non-Comp Teams?
Team lists will be released once the registrars have completed them, this depends on final registrations and player numbers. Teams will start trainings as a whole age group.
Non-Comp Age groups team allocations.
We generally try to keep teams together from the previous years before considering any requests that have been received and adding new players. As players move up in ages, the number of teams decreases and the number of players in each team increases. This means some players may be moved between the teams.[re1]  
How do I put in a request for my child to be placed into a certain team for the Non-Comp age group?

Requests for Non-Comp age groups can be submitted via an online form using this link:

***** Please note that this is only a request for consideration, when we start allocating the teams, we try to keep the previous year’s team together and then add new players where needed. We will try our best to place the player into the requested team however we can’t guarantee this. *****


How are the Competition Age Group teams selected?


Requests to play in Divisions are discussed with players and then opportunities to participate in formats to be selected in various divisions are provided in the pre-season.  These opportunities include, participation and review at training, in house trials, trials against oppositions., these teams are selected by a selection panel[re2] . 

What is the process if I have concerns about age groups/coaches/players.

  • Discuss with coach of team (if they are in teams)

  • Discuss with Head Coach of age group/Gender

  • Email from concerned party to coaching director to address with coaches/relevant parties -

  • Email to executive from concerned party if they feel that their concerns haven’t been addressed adequately. -

How do I become a volunteer?

​If you would like to be involved as a team volunteer you will need to discuss your options with the Coach or the Age Group Manager. 

If you would like to be a volunteer around the club you can join our Volunteers group chat. We post in the group when we require assistance, you can also post in the chat offering to help when you're available. 

​- Download the Teamreach App

- Enter the group code BBJBAR

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